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Rio Wellbeing Collection Aromatherapy Essential Oils


Five of the most popular Wellbeing inspired blended essential oils.

  • Lavender (which is renowned for its relaxing properties) calms the mind without sedating the body – meaning it’s great to reduce anxiety or stress, soothing your thoughts so you can truly relax, drift off to sleep and feel more at peace.
  • Rosemary has a whole host of holistic benefits for the body – including its ability to ease pain, reduce stress, boost mood and supercharge circulation.
  • Peppermint acts as a fantastic muscle relaxant, relieving pain whilst also delivering a cooling sensation (due to its inclusion of menthol) which can also help with this.
  • Orange reduces stress, lifts mood and adds a fresh, citrusy zest to your surroundings

  • Natural 10ml (x5) Essential Aromatherapy oils
  • Perfect for use with vapourisers, diffusers, humidifiers, candle burners and air purifiers.
  • Each oil blend comes in an amber brown bottle to keep the oils fresh and help prevent light degradation.
  • Essential oils can used in the bath, steamer or sauna.


Enjoy blissful relaxation and an indulgent sensory experience with the Wellbeing Collection of essential aromatherapy oils.  Including five of the most popular Wellbeing blended essential oils (Relax, Vitality, Sleep, Harmony & Energy) the line-up has everything you need to achieve true tranquillity.

Each essential oil blend is mixed with potent, natural aromatherapy ingredients; picked to scintillate your senses.

Essential oils can be used in the bath, steam rooms or in a sauna – to really complement your relaxing, sensory experience. They’re also great to use in oil diffusers, air purifiers, humidifiers and vapourisers to boost wellbeing and relaxation around the home. Each expertly blended essential oil comes in a recyclable amber-brown bottle to keep them fresher for longer; preventing light degradation. Simply add a few drops, sit back and transport your senses into a true sense of bliss!




  • 5x 10ml Aromatherapy Oils