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Ordering from outside the UK

Ordering from outside the UK – Things you should know….

We want to make buying and shipping your order as simple and easy as possible for you, so here are a few things you should know when your order is being shipped outside of the UK



Payment will be taken in GBP.   Please note that a currency conversion fee may be applied by your payment provider and we would advise you check with them for fee rates.

All amounts will be calculated and displayed in GBP, when changing the currency the amounts will then be displayed in the chosen currency using the current daily exchange rate as set by Shopify.


Taxes & Customs

If we are exporting your order outside of the UK, then you will not be charged UK VAT (normally 20%)on the items ordered and this amount will be deducted from each item at checkout.   However third-party local import charges may be applied and we advise that you check with your local customs for further details. As import charges are applied by third-parties we are unable to advise or assist with this. 

If import charges are not paid your order may be returned to us, in this case the original delivery costs would be non-refundable and further delivery charges would be applied should you like the order to be resent.


Still have a question?...

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