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Rio Aromatherapy 100% Essential Oil Collection

  • Perfect for use with vapourisers, diffusers, humidifiers, candle burners and air purifiers.


  • 100% Pure 10ml Essential Aromatherapy oils (Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lavender Lemon & Eucalyptus)
  • No additives or fillers, just pure essential oils
  • Each essential oil comes in an amber brown bottle to keep the oils fresh and help prevent light degradation.

  • Essential oils can be blended or used in the bath, steamer and sauna

100%-pure, with no additives or fillers. Essential oils can be used in the bath, steam rooms or in a sauna – to really complement your relaxing, sensory experience. They’re also great to use in oil diffusers, air purifiers, humidifiers and vapourisers to boost wellbeing and relaxation around the home. Each essential oil comes in a recyclable amber-brown bottle to keep them fresher for longer; preventing light degradation. Simply add a few drops, sit back and transport your senses into a true sense of bliss!


Packed in presentation box they also make a perfect gift.



  • 5x 10ml Aromatherapy Oils