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Ona Neck & Shoulder Massager


Revolutionary massaging action with the Ona Neck & Shoulder massager.

  • Revolutionary and innovative massage action gives a highly realistic experience
  • Soothing infrared heat deeply penetrates muscles for enhanced relief

  • Delivers targeted deep-tissue relief, focusing on neck, upper back and shoulder tension.
  • Equipped with a convenient auto-timer to ensure a perfect duration for every use

  • USB rechargeability ensures the massager is portable and ready for use anytime, anywhere


  • Revolutionary and innovative massage action

  • Dual massage modes for a customisation

  • Soothing infrared heat

  • Targeted deep-tissue relief

  • Convenient auto-timer

  • USB rechargeable

The Bodi-Tek Ona Neck & Shoulder massager uses a revolutionary and advanced kneading action that closely mimics a human masseuse, so much so it’s like having the real experience. Choose from two modes and enjoy soothing infrared heat with the convenience of USB recharging and an auto-timer. It's a game changer in self-massage, offering targeted tension relief to the neck, shoulders and upper back giving a highly realistic and relaxing massage at your fingertips whenever you choose


Model: BT-MANI

  • Ola Neck & Shoulder Massager
  • USB cable

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