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Ab, Tone & Shape


Tones, Tightens and Firms

  • Supercharge your fitness regime & maximise results – advanced EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology to target, train & work the abdominal muscles harder
  • Targeted training to enhance abdominal & waist muscles – conductive pads deliver the EMS pulses exactly where it’s needed


  • Adjustable intensity levels – choose from a variety of toning routines, customised to an intensity that suits your goals

  • 7 workout programmes,  all of which auto-stop when the workout is complete

  • Remote control with LCD display – adjust your workout settings using the handy remote control – or on the compact control panel on the belt

  •  Extendable belt – adjusts to fit waist sizes: 60-120cm / 24-48 inches

  • USB chargeable, wireless & compact design – discrete enough to be worn under clothing, for workouts on the go. Wherever you are!

Supercharge your workouts and finesse your fitness goals with this targeted ab training firming and toning belt.

Taking advantage of cutting-edge EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology within a streamlined, compact design; the device’s EMS pads provide targeted training to abdominal muscles, for a firmer, more toned physique. All without breaking a sweat!

The belt boasts 7 workout programmes with varying intensities and frequency settings, allowing you to customise its settings for as elect workouts for a personalised fitness experience that suits your goals. It’s streamlined, compact and completely wire-free – meaning you can squeeze a workout in wherever you or whatever you are doing!



UKCA Declaration of Conformity

EU (EC) Declaration of Conformity



Model: BT-ABST

  • Ab toner
  • Detachable, adjustable belt
  • Remote control unit
  • USB charging cable
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