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Ab & Back Muscle Strengthener with heat


Combines targeted muscle strengthening with optional soothing heat

  • Targets abs and back muscles – targeted training via conductive EMS pads
  • Advanced EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology 
  • Graphene heating technology

  • Adjustable intensity levels – with handy auto power-off feature after 25 minutes 
  • 7 programmes give a choice of workouts and toning routines to meet your goals
  • USB rechargeable, wireless design 
  • Adjustable waist belt - Extendable to fit waist sizes: 63-116cm / 25-45 inches
  • Reversable design, can be used both on your abs, waist or lower back for strengthening and soothing heat therapy
  • 3 heat levels:  Low 39℃ (±2℃)  -  Med 41℃ (±2℃)  -  High 43℃ (±2℃) 
  • Charge time 180 mins  
  • Use time:    EMS – up to 20 hours  | Heat Only – up to 2 hours   |  EMS & Heat – 100 minutes 


    This innovative strengthening and toning belt works to enhance abdominal and waist muscles for a firmer, more toned look – and can also be reversed for use on the back, delivering strengthening and soothing heat right where you needed it.  

    The belt’s cutting-edge EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology precisely targets your abdominal or back muscles stimulating contractions which simulate exercise, all without you having to lift a finger. 

    The choice of 7 workout programmes with varying, customisable levels of intensity allows you to create the exercise regime perfect for you – with additional heat function for abdominal or back soothing. With two conductive EMS pads, extendable waist belt and a detachable control panel; it’s never been easier to work on your abs or back strength wherever you are or whatever you are doing.


    Model: BT-ABSH

  • Ab training belt
  • Detachable control panel
  • Belt extender
  • USB charging cable


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