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Circulation Plus Active Lower Leg Massager


If you are otherwise healthy, but work for long periods at a desk or have a sedentary lifestyle then Circulation Plus Active could help boost lower leg circulation.

  • May help in improving lower leg and foot circulation
  • May help boost lower leg circulation


  • 99 Intensity Levels
  • 3 Programmes
  • 25 Minute Timer
  • Compact Design for easy storage
  • Handy Remote Control
  • Can be used whilst watching TV, at a desk or whilst reading

Circulation Plus uses gentle Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to repeatedly contract and relax the muscles in the lower legs and feet. The repeated contraction and relaxation of the muscles in turn activates the “muscle pump action”, which may help boost blood flow and blood circulation.


1: A deeply stimulating rhythmic contraction to both feet/legs at the same time, comprising six seconds of pulses followed by a one second pause.

2: A deeply stimulating rhythmic contraction to one leg/foot followed by the other.  There are six seconds of pulses followed by a one second pause.

3: Features nine different stimulation modes. Each runs for forty five seconds and are then repeated over the 25 minute run time.

Warnings – Do not use if:

• You have an electronic implant (e.g. cardiac pacemaker).

• If you are in the early stages of pregnancy.

• If you are being treated for existing DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

• If you have broken skin on the soles of your feet.

Please get your doctor’s permission before using the Bodi-Tek Circulation Plus Active if:

• You have a history of heart disease or cardiac condition.

• If you suffer from epilepsy or multiple sclerosis.

• If you suffer from diabetes.

• If you suffer from phlebitis in its active phase (inflammation of a vein).

• If you suffer from inflamed tissue through disease or injury.

• If you suffer from varicose veins in its later stage.

• If using for a medical condition.

• If you suffer from reduced sensitivity in lower legs and feet (associated with diabetes).

• This appliance is not intended for use by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

• If you are in any doubt about using the Bodi-Tek Circulation Plus Active for any reason, please consult your doctor before use.


Model: BT-CRBO3

  • Circulation Plus Active Unit
  • 1 x 85ml Conductive Gel
  • Remote Control
  • Instructions
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